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CannonDM reviews Dead Space 2 (X360)

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CannonDM said...

I would have to say that Dead Space 2 is currently my #2 favorite game of all-time. The atmosphere and the story is what really brings it home for me, but I find all the aspects of the game simply perfect. The achievements are good, and the varied game-play keeps me entertained the entire way through. Sure there are scarier games on the market, but Dead Space 2 is one of those games where the protagonist really does have it in him to survive the situations he is presented. I find Isaac Clark one of the best player characters and really enjoyed his emotional journey through the two-part series.

All that being said, Dead Space 2 has a multi-player that does not belong in the game. For some reason, EA thought it was a good idea to strap the feature as an added Online Pass bonus to purchasers of the new game. I have never played the online multi-player for Dead Space 2 and I never plan to.

Game Traits applied to Dead Space 2 (X360) by CannonDM

  • The Setting:
    Horror Sci-fi
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    Great weapons and effects
  • General Tone:
    dark and scary, Dark and bloody
Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 (X360)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release Date:
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