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40K as Single Player

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CannonDM said...
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This is just the worst! I know that these news are old news, but I have seen some references to the old ideas for Dark Millenium and I am just pissed about the decision by THQ to go single-player. What the hell!? Sure the lore may have taken a hit with the MMO, but in the end, a game is measured by how fun it is. WoW destroyed its lore, but that didn't stop many people from playing an otherwise fun game. THQ is on my hit list now... Anyone else raging about this as much as me?

Direct article to find the information:
Warhammer 40K Online

Warhammer 40K Online (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date:
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I was really excited for a 40k mmo. Sadly I don't really touch single player games any more. The fun factor for gaming is in the community and I just dont feel that small online matches have it anymore like they used to.
I am not a huge fan of MMO's. I burn out on them -very- quickly and most people I encounter while playing them I'd like to shoot in the face in real life. That isn't to say I don't like multiplayer games, however. I think I would have to -see- the finished product before passing any judgement on it.
Agreed. The MMO's r where it is at. My next move in writing games is a MMO, but will be an in-depth text based game with lots of opps for google cams thru out@Kaubs
@NinePortals Iron Realms did it for me with their MUDs. As soon as they do a sci-fi one, many hours of living shall be claimed by it. It's nice to see the text-based days of MMOs still live on.
Honestly I'm glad its not going to be an mmo. The market is already saturated with them and adding more will just make issues.

Not to mention they may have to contend with TERA and its active combat, GW2 and its more open world feel along with WoW and possibly TOR.

It would be a safer bet to make a singleplayer game or at least put it on hold until the success of the current MMOs or soon to be released ones is evaluated properly.
The most popular games these days seem to mostly be single-player games with an online-play option. I think they made a wise move to go that direction.
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